Sunday, January 13, 2013

Travel stats

I found this post that I must have written in January.  I thought it was worth putting up for my own personal record of this insane year.  This must have been written the day or two before my Grandma died and I had to take another trip to Wisconsin.  I'm going through old drafts, so maybe there are more posts to come. 

I was browsing through my blog and realized it's been a really, really long time since I actually shared a gluten free recipe or even cooked, for that matter.  Travel has taken up the majority of my time since last May.  Here's a few travel stats before I transition back into reality, which I hope will include food blogging.  My semester starts in a week. 

I spent 40% of my time (101 days) since May away from home.  That's a lot of beds and tents!
I took 19 1-way flights, all direct.  Two round trips were for business, the rest personal.
When I wasn't flying, I was in a car (my, Dave's, or Dave's parents' Subaru Outbacks, plus the Westy) and drove to or through 17 states.
This is my 3rd weekend at my condo in Colorado (where I actually live) since October.
This is the first time I don't have a half-empty suitcase on my bedroom floor since June.

My calendar is kind of comical and I couldn't think of a spatial way to show it to you without revealing too much of my craziness.  I accidentally showed my students my calendar for a few seconds during class and their jaws dropped.  Anyway, here's a list of trips with links to pictures. 
Dave got me a flash for our DSLR camera for Christmas (which was a pretty good deal considering I only got him a gag gift) and I took a food picture yesterday with it.  Holy cow, what a HUGE difference it makes!  Without photo-editing software on my main computer, I wasn't getting the best food photos out there.  I hope this helps!  First step, cook again!

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