Friday, September 14, 2012

Nice work if you can get Some

It was our last day together in New York City, August 2, and Dave had to work.  I met up with my old college roommate and high school friend, Jessica.  We grabbed some lunch near Time Square.  I needed a dress for that night.  I had packed for three weeks of activities:  a week of moving/camping, a week of NYC, and a week on vacation in Wisconsin at the beach.  All of this fit in a carry-on bag. The thing that didn't make the list was a cute outfit for dressing up.  We went into Forever 21 and I found two cute dresses, both less than $25.  Score!

We then realized that the TKTS booth was hours from opening, so she took me on the subway to Brooklyn where she lives and the other TKTS booth was.  The view from the above-ground-bridge subway was awesome!  I had never seen the financial district before!  The 9/11 memorial building was so huge, but still under construction.  The part of Brooklyn that I saw was really nice.  I grabbed two tickets to a Broadway show, then took the subway back to Dave's place.  I bought a few hair pins and met Dave at the bus stop.  We made tacos for dinner, I got all dressed up, and we headed for the subway.

We had second row, center seats at "Nice work if you can get it" with Matthew Broderick!  It was a really funny show.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  After the show, we walked around Time Square, taking in the scene.  We found THE place to get ice cream and got a shake to share. 
Me trying to take it all in.

Me at Time Square after the Broadway show.

You can see the entrance to our show in the background. 
The next morning I had a flight to Wisconsin.  Dave walked me to the bus that took me to LaGuardia.  There were tears.  I got on the bus and waved to him as we drove by his bus to school.  I don't want to relive that, not even a little bit.  The bus through Harlem sobered me up a bit and I arrived at the airport totally lost and running late.  I managed to find a place to print my boarding pass, get through security, grab a salad for lunch (but no fork, doh!) and get on the plane with no time to spare.  I arrived in Wisconsin where my dad picked me up from the airport.  We were on our way to our annual family vacation "up north" the next day and I was just in time to greet my mom and brother and head to Joe's Foxhut for pizza, a family tradition for all pre-holiday activities.

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NavyGirl said...

Was this your first visit to NY? I can't remember. I know you weren't with us on the senior class trip, and this post just has the nice excitement of a New York newbie ;)

Glad to hear you had a nice "last" night together - the show sounds great!