Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dave turns 29

Dave turned 29 last summer!  The weekend before Dave's birthday we went to visit his parents.  We did some sailing (I think, at least we did at some point during the summer on Dave's sailboat) and had some fun with the kids and his brothers and sister in laws.  

Dave got the Star Wars record from his brother!  The mustache wrapping paper was put to good use as well as the record! 

We went back to the city and on Dave's birthday he went to work and got caught up in a conversation with a coworker about some very good news on an instrument he could use.  He made it back to his apartment an hour later than I had planned, but we still totally made it downtown in time for our tightly packed schedule!  This was before I had a smart phone so I had a little sheet of paper with exactly where we were supposed to go with a little map on it.  First, we took a tall ship to the statue of liberty!  The chances for rain were extremely high and we managed to sail around a storm and use its winds to pick up some awesome speed.  It was so cool!  I've never seen the statue of liberty up close, so I was in awe! 

Storm hits Manhattan

I'm wearing this shirt in just about every picture from this summer.  I guess that's what happens when you live out of a suitcase!

I ordered this rainbow special for Dave's birthday!

 Neither of us got sea sick and we jumped off the boat back to the subway and headed to the Metropolitan Room where we happened to get table 23, which is cool because Dave's birthday is on the 23rd!  We got fancy drinks and an appetizer and enjoyed an awesome band with the most amazing mandolin player!  Brazil + Jass, Choro das Tres
Afterwards I had found a gluten free pizza place I wanted to check out, but it was closed.  So we ended up eating super yummy Italian food and wine at Il Bastardo.
We finally took the subway home and had birthday dessert from the bakery on Broadway and opened presents.  (Espresso machine!)  When asked how his birthday was, Dave replied, "Wait was that sailing thing today?  It seems like forever ago!"  Perhaps we squeezed a little too much in one day, but I think a 29th birthday needs to be one to remember! 
Dave exhausted after a long day now 29 years old!