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Welcome to Life After Lucky Charms!  Growing up, I ate a bowl of Lucky Charms every day and was an extremely happy, busy, successful person.  My luck ran out in college and this is my story of life without that daily bowl of gluten-filled Lucky Charms.  

I am a 30 year old meteorology professor at a teaching college in Colorado.  I like to keep this blog somewhat anonymous due to the fact that I have many students who do not need to know about my personal life!  I'm not entirely sure why I feel this way, but due to my close proximity in age to my students, I like to keep personal boundaries so as not to run into respect problems in the classroom. 

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2003 when I was in college and have since figured out how to live a normal life eating gluten free and being happy.  I live in a town that is very conducive to my diet, but anyone can succeed with a gluten free diet with a few easy changes.  Be sure to read my Gluten Free and Celiac Disease Information tab to learn more and get started. 

My growing up on an orchard, meteorology PhD, and personal education since then has given me a unique view on the relationship between humans and our environment.  I love gardening, cooking whole foods, trying new things like brewing my own gluten free hard cider, as well as camping and hiking in the Colorado Rockies and beyond.  Anyone open to learning more about sustainable living and making environmental food decisions, which include being a locavore (eating only local food), to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions to our very sensitive atmosphere, should read my favorite book:  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

I grew up in the great state of Wisconsin and moved to Colorado for graduate school where I met my boyfriend, Dave, who I live with and share many meals, hobbies, and life.  He is also a PhD in my field, but is taking on the research world while I do the teaching.

I recently turned 30 and put together a 30 during 30 list that helps me to keep trying new things and making life just get better with age.  You can keep up with my list and things I've accomplished on my 30 During 30 tab.

At any given time, I am usually teaching four college classes, some with labs, and I spend many nights and weekends either recovering from the daily roller coaster adrenaline rushes of teaching a few classes a day or preparing for class in order to become the best professor I can be.  Due to the fact that I usually love my job and am dedicated to it, this blog takes a back seat during the school year and you'll find semesters where I'll post once, others where I'll post weekly, and summers almost daily.  Keep checking back for more and put me in your RSS Feed Reader, or however you like to keep up with your blog reading!  Most importantly, send your gluten free friends and family my way!

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