Sunday, January 5, 2014

Summer 2013

I'm still catching up on my travel log from last year, so here's the first half of summer 2013.

After the vegas/Zion/Grand Canyon trip we went our separate ways and I headed to a conference at Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado.  Best conference I've ever attended!  It was small, cozy, and productive.  I met some great people!  We went for a hike during our one afternoon off and on our way back from the hike, saw this wildfire blow up in Rocky Mountain National Park, which had a bit of irony since we were at a climate change conference. 
Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado as a wildfire blows up in Rocky Mountain National Park in the distance, YMCA yurts in the foreground. 

On the drive over Berthoud Pass to the conference. 
Waterfall on our hike in Snow Mountain Ranch
 Then I made my way to NYC to visit Dave for a few weeks while I taught two online courses.

This is our favorite little park on Broadway in NYC.  It's a romantic story of two (rich) people who died in the Titanic, Isador and Ida Straus.  The woman decided to stay with her husband rather than board a life boat.  We stop by the park and sit every time we are walking up Broadway.
The turtles in Morningside park really wanted to eat this syrofoam, which I thought was horrifying.

Dave at Morningside Park  (no clue why this won't turn). 
Dave at another park in Harlem.  We walked up to find a little festival. 
We walked the George Washington Bridge.  Dave bikes this regularly since his work is actually not in Manhattan but he lives there.

GW Bridge

We walked up to the Cloisters and enjoyed their gardens.
He found a stick bug!
Good eyes. 

Cloisters park

 We stopped to sit at the park in the Cloister area and found a man feeding the birds.  Dave loves birding, so we crossed a few off the list. 

Red bellied woodpecker


Red winged black bird

We saw a jazz harpist at the Harlem Arts Festival and stopped at "Harlem Shake" for a treat on our walk home.
We went to the gay pride parade downtown, it was so fun and crowded even though it was raining!
Best float:  bull riding a burrito!
Best Mexican food for lunch:  Lupe's.

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