Thursday, September 13, 2012

Enjoying New York City

Backtracking to the end of July, where we left off... Dave was all moved in and we had a few days to enjoy New York City before he started work.

His neighborhood

A park along the Hudson River.

The hat reads:  Westy Life.

Cathedral just a few blocks down the street from his place.

My first time in northern central park. 

Park right by Dave's place.  He lives up on the cliff.

Stopped in Harlem to get some iced tea.   
After exploring things on our own, we got a call from Brent, one of our closest friends from Boulder.  He was in NJ for a work trip and wanted to visit the city for his weekend day off!  We showed him Dave's place, then went downtown to the time square area and had some Irish Bar dinner before sending him back home on the train.  Dave and I later discovered a K-mart next to Penn Station and picked up a few things. 
Brent and Dave at Rockefeller Center

South Central Park. 

Library on campus
Central Park
 Dave's parents visited us again to do some touristy stuff before I left.  We walked from Dave's place to a deli, through the cathedral, to central park, to the Guggenheim, to the top of the Guggenheim, to the MoMa, then all the way back on foot!  It was just beautiful!
We went to the Guggenheim to see Picasso and some other cool art with Dave's parents. 

We stopped by the MoMA(?) to sit before walking back to Dave's place (a few miles). 

Central Park.  We're maybe on mile 5 for the day at this point.
 We made it all the way back to campus and had dinner at a fabulous French restaurant.  We definitely made the most of Dave's last days off before his new job started that Wednesday!

The bus to his work picks up just down the street and around the corner from where he lives.  I walked him to the bus, then went to find some internet access at Starbucks before running home as it rained.  After Dave's first day, we got some schwag at the bookstore, grabbed some dinner (AMAZING gluten free asian chicken wraps), and I gave Dave a quick haircut.  Only one day left together!!!

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