Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cascade Canyon

We hiked from Jenny Lake up to the top of Cascade Canyon, about 13 miles round trip.  It's a good thing we didn't do the extra 6 miles to Solitude Lake because my body was aching from a poorly placed pack.  It was a beautiful hike!  We saw falls, a moose, wild flowers, butterflies, the Tetons, glaciers, and enjoyed lunch at the top of the canyon.

Ready to go!  It was super cold out so early in the morning, but I quickly warmed up. 

On the way to Hidden Falls we found these falls.

Hidden Falls.  There were gobs of people here.  While we hiked around half of the lake to get here, there was a ferry that brought every schmoe from here to Texas. 

Lots of butterflies on our hike!

The Grand Teton was to our left all the way up the canyon.  Also, I hike with poles.

Looking left.  Lots of cool falls coming from the glaciers.

This mom and her baby moose were munching on the bushes about 20 feet from us, then turned and quickly ran down the trail in front of us!  I ran the other way until the people behind me gave me a funny look.  It freaked me out!  We saw her later drinking at the river.

At the top of Cascade Canyon, we could have gone further to Solitude Lake, but had lunch watching these cool falls, then turned back. 

We stopped for a dip in Jackson Lake before heading to Flagg Ranch to sleep for the night on our way to Yellowstone.  Our 7-day Teton/Yellowstone park pass was about to expire!

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