Monday, July 2, 2012


Dave and I were both in weddings last weekend.  'Tis the season!  We both had a total blast and talked to each other at about 2am central, 3am eastern to say that we had both indeed drank many gin and tonics and enjoyed our evenings to the max.

Dave's "little" (but taller) brother Andy got married to the beautiful woman in the photo, Liz.  The groom is behind the bride, Dave is the cutie with the glasses on, and his next-younger brother Matt (far right) is getting married Thanksgiving weekend!  All of these boys spent a weekend in Colorado for the bachelor party in May.  (Dave's older brother is not pictured, but he exists, and is happily married with four kids.  That makes four brothers total in the family.)  

I was so sad to miss this wedding, but for good reason... my cousin Cassie was marrying her love, Kevin!  18 months ago at Cassie's niece's birthday party, she showed me her ring and, of course they caught this all on film, I started crying and hugging and smiling the most genuine smile I've ever had.  Cassie and I grew up together having sleep overs and swimming at the pool every day, she was like the sister I never had!  I was just so happy that she had found the man of her dreams and that he had popped the question!  18 months later I finally got to stand up in her wedding.  It was a beautiful day and although I don't have any pictures back of Cass and I together, here's one of her, just to show you how beautiful she is!

The beautiful bride entering the reception.  We have zero pics from the photographer for 8 weeks!  So I have to go with this one taken by Emily. 
Cass's family.  My godmother!  And a few other favorites. 
The happy couple!  They and their families surprised all of us with a coordinated dance they had prepared for us.  So neat!!! 

Me in the middle with my bridesmaid dress and two of my closest cousins. 
The weekend went way to fast, but luckily for me, I get to spend a week with these guys again in a month for our annual family vacation.

Congrats to the happy couples (who are totally enjoying their respective honeymoons right now)!

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