Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Charlie and the Coil

Sunday we woke up early to catch the bus to Jackson to pick up the part that was broken on the Westy.  Our bus driver was a really nice guy and acted as a sort of tour guide.  We hadn't seen the Tetons up close yet because we hadn't been out of Coulter Bay, so it was awesome to get a tour on our way to town.  The stop after ours, Charlie got on the bus.  He is a man who works at the parks during the summer, ski resorts in the winter, and is a sort of concierge.  He knows what to do, how to get around, who to talk to, and made the rest of our day interesting, easy, and fun.  He told us about a free bus that would take us right to the Carquest, then suggested a place for lunch, a cool thrift shop, and met us back on the bus for the way back.

A labyrinth in town.
Charlie-- thanks for making our day bright! 
Not a bad view from the bus!

Engine is in the back, which means all of our stuff was strewn about.
Dave put the coil in, and after a few adjustments, the car started!!!  I was actually not jumping for joy when it happened, I think I had inhaled too many bad fumes during the process and needed a breather.  I was much happier later!
We picked up some jiffy pop from the grocery store.  I'm pretty sure this was my first jiffy pop.  I got a lot of joy out of this popcorn making process!
Now we could finally do the hike Monday morning, only we adjusted it due to some suggestions from Charlie.  This was our last night in Coulter Bay.

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