Friday, April 29, 2011

Pantry Organization

Back in February, I turned 29.  My mom is the best about sending gifts!  This year I told her that my pantry was in shambles.  We have an open shelf system that Dave made when we moved in due to a lack of cupboard space and it was cluttered with bags of flour and all kinds of odds and ends.  Mom sent me these awesome containers that are clear and have a sort of suction top to them.  She must have gone to every store back home before she finally decided these were what I needed.  Boy, was she right! 

I put all of our bags into these containers and my pantry finally looks organized!  We've got Dave's flour for bread and pizza making (white and whole wheat), my gluten free flour, my baking mix (Pamela's), powder sugar, sugar, brown sugar, gluten free oats, regular oats, corn meal, corn starch, coffee, quinoa, gluten and gluten free pasta, and rice!

Today is my mom's birthday and all I managed to send her was a vase of flowers.  Happy Birthday Mom! This is one of those days where it would sure be nice to live a little closer to home. 

I just finished my last day of class yesterday and am desperately trying to grade everything so I don't have to take any papers with me on my trip to Boston for the Polar AMS conference on Sunday.  I'll be back less than 24 hours before finals, so I had to write two of my finals and make copies already yesterday.  One more to write and a whole lot more grading to go, but my semester is nearing its end.  I am really excited for a few weeks off before summer session starts up, but I can't jump the gun just yet.


Becky said...

I love those containers! We got a set for our wedding, and they are way more fun than kitchen storage should be. And yay for being almost done with the semester!

NavyGirl said...

OXO!!! Those are the best pantry storage containers... well done Mama :) I've been eyeing them up at The Container Store forever and may have to spring for some eventually. Sadly, mine would probably just be used to store Cheerios and M&Ms though, not your healthy ingredients ;)