Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"I don't watch TV!" I arrogantly claim when my students ask if I've seen the latest whatever or when they ask what channel news I watch.  As if!  As if I'd sit around and watch some local reporter tell me about all of the depressing things that have happened locally that day and get a bunch of meaningless headlines that are made to get my blood pressure up but have zero researched or useful information behind them.  I recently even stopped my Time Magazine subscription because, frankly, I don't care for it anymore.  My Google Reader kicks your magazine's butt any day! 

People talk of American Idol and some funny TV show that is now on Wednesday nights and I can't contribute to the conversation.  They reference Saturday Night Live skits and make fun of artists who sing about days of the week.  They speak of basketball tournaments, baseball seasons, and Superbowl commercials.  Really, though, I don't watch TV.

I used to turn on the Food Channel or HGTV when I got a weekend moment to myself, but then our perks at the cable company wore out and now we get basic cable, which kind of comes with our internet or maybe we pay $5 for it.  This is for the better, though.  The Food Channel just makes me hungry and HGTV just makes me want to buy a house.  When the cheapest house in my neighborhood runs about half a million dollars, it's simply unhealthy to dream of owning.  Plus, when the hell did Bravo turn into the housewives of ______ channel?

I do, however, watch instant streaming Netflix whenever the mood strikes me.  I'm pretty sure this appears in that book, Things White People Like.  I'm white, and I don't watch live TV, but I'll watch movies and old TV shows on Netflix. My Netflix runs through the PS3 and appears on my TV, so it's LIKE I watch TV. 

Here's the difference.  You go home and say, "Yay!  It's Thursday!  Grey's is on!!!!"  You sit through annoying commercials and are left hanging at the end of an episode.  Why not wait a few years, then go back and watch it on Netflix commercial-free and you can seamlessly go from one episode to the next as your heart desires.  You can watch Grey's on a Monday!  Or a Saturday!!!  Imagine the possibilities!

I'm currently on Season 2 of Lost.  This came out in 2005 and it is hard to believe I waited this long to get sucked in.  What an amazing show thus far!  If you've never given it a try, Netflix streaming has all(?) seasons right now.  Be careful, set rules, it is addictive!

Of course books are a nice alternative to TV as well.  I fall asleep to one every night and have recently phased out the reading of textbooks before bed.  REAL books it is!

Anyone else out there use the 'net for their entertainment and forgo the live television?


mithrandr said...

DVR's, it's all the rave. I can't stand to watch a show with commercials.

Benet said...

Hah, this post reminded 'people' that they totally forgot to watch that funny show on Wednesday night. Ooops! But I'm glad you're loving Lost - it is such a fun, smart show to watch.

YellowBunnies said...

Hahahaha, Benet! You should tell me what it's called so I can watch it in 6 years or something :)

Becky said...

Well if the students you're referring to have good taste, then the show is "Modern Family" on ABC and it is seriously hilarious. You can watch it on hulu now! It's one of three shows that we watch on a regular basis now, but all of them are on network stations, which means that we are wasting a ridiculous amount of money on cable right now. I really need to call and get that canceled... I also love Netflix streaming videos. I have several seasons of old shows (really old--like The Dick Van Dyke show) queued up for watching absentmindedly while knitting or on the random sick day. I find that much more satisfying than whatever crap happens to be on cable.

Josh said...

What is this TV you speak of. It sounds like interesting technology. All I really get are funny voices on the radio.

Oh and if you are watching Lost you should definitely watch battlestar galactica. Great allegorical story telling for the times we live in.

Chritre said...

Roomie and I only have Netflix, but, seriously, I can't stand most of the crap on there. I tried really really hard to find something of interest when I was confined to my couch for 4.5 days last week. Fortunately I usually turn it on only about once a week so it should take me a while to get through Nova, Nat Geo, and the PBS specials. Not sure what I'm going to do after that. I have lots of books on my list! :D You know, I read a funny-but-true the other day: "How can you tell when someone doesn't have a TV?" "They tell you." Ha. Makes me feel perhaps I'm being pretentious for hating on the TV, but I really, honestly, cannot stand 99.9% of it. And that's being generous.