Friday, July 8, 2011

Shoe Twins

There's something about Boulder, or maybe its just our friends, but we all have really similar shoes.  Shoes are fun.  I have gobs of dress shoes, but here are the shoes I actually wear on a regular basis (I've taken up wearing sandals to school, then changing into my dress shoes there).  

His and Hers Barefoot Shoes
Merrell Barefoot shoes.  These have no pad in the bottom for cushion, so it feels like you're barefoot, without the risk of stepping on something sharp.  They're meant as a running shoe to build up muscles in your feet that should be there if we weren't so dependent on supportive shoes.  It makes you run more forward because it hurts to land on your heel with no cushion, so I usually land flat or towards the front of my feet.  I usually demand arch support and I have had no problems with these.  They will make you sore below your big calf muscle when you run, though!  They also make trail running quite interesting because you can feel every little pebble.  Dave and I both have a pair, but so do the majority of our friends (one of them actually runs barefoot for real!)

His and Hers Chacos
Chacos.  Everyone has chacos!  Why?  I couldn't tell you.  I feel like I could hike up a mountain in them, or wear them to work on a hot day, or get them wet in the garden.  They are super comfortable.  Last weekend I went fishing with them and walked right into the creek with them on.  One night I was at a bachelorette party and looked down and all of us were wearing them.  Who needs 4 inch heels when you can dance in comfort? 

His and Hers Crocs
Crocs.  Seriously, I've harped on about Crocs for years and how amazing the maryjanes are.  I stand by this.  They are super comfortable, and I think the gold maryjanes are cute.  I can't say the same thing about the giant green crocs, but he doesn't wear them in public.... often.
Merrell hiking shoes

Merrel hiking shoes.  I think Dave recently switched to Patagonia, but this is my second pair of Merrells and although I'm not sure these are sold as hiking shoes, they give me everything I need on a hike, although I've really given them some discoloration from Utah hiking.

Any types/brands of shoes you find you and your friends all seem to wear? 

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