Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Justin Bieber and me.  July 2011
Happy Birthday, Dave! (Dave is the least likely person to read my blog or go on Facebook, but I'm putting it out there anyway.)  Dave is a whopping 27 years old today. 

On my (29th) birthday back in February, Dave surprised me by waking me up early, giving me trekking poles as a gift, and packing me in the car with our snowshoes.  He had a day of snowshoeing in the mountains planned for us.  It was snowing so beautifully, we really had a great time and barely made it home in time for dinner and drinks with friends.  Here's a picture of Dave in his goofball hat on MY birthday.  

My birthday, 2011.  Snowshoeing near Moffat Tunnel.  Nice hat!
For Dave's birthday we have a fun day planned that involves watching the Tour, listening to some live tunes, compliments of a band member of String Cheese Incident, tasting lots of different types of beer, hanging with good friends, and even attending a portion of a wedding.  Plus, he just arrived back into town after two weeks away!  My gift for him totally won't come via UPS until Monday.  Shoot!  We'll all just have to wait patiently.  (I think I'm the most impatient in this situation.) 

"Crack Canyon!"
Happy Birthday, hun!

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