Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh my butterfingers!

I tried this recipe for home made butter finger candy and they are pretty good!  I think I'd use semi-sweet chocolate in the future instead of bittersweet and use more of it.  Be sure you have a candy thermometer before you get started.  One note is that if you are trying this at altitude (mile high), be sure to reduce your sugar temp to 280 (or slightly lower) rather than 290.  I burned my first batch because my thermometer wasn't getting a reading since the liquid was so shallow.  Oops!   The blogger suggests freezing it to put it on ice cream and I might have to, either that or give some away.  I do this a lot.  I have a craving, fulfill it, then have a lot of leftovers.  Ah well.

 The texture is very similar to a real Butterfinger in that it's crunchy and gets stuck in your teeth!  I'd err on the side of lower sugar temps to make mine slightly softer next time.  I also threw some powder sugar on mine to sweeten up the dark chocolate.  The whole thing took about a half an hour even with my first oops.  Butterfingers are naturally gluten free, no special ingredients required.  Butterfingers and Cheetos are two things I can get from a vending machine that are gluten free.  And that's exactly why I need to be sure to bring a lunch with me every day or I might get myself into trouble!

My very own home made butter finger candy.