Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pea sized hail

Welcome to my patio here in Boulder, CO.  I hope you find this as amusing as I did at the time.  I was enjoying some insane cloud to ground lightning and made the decision not to save my plants due to risk of death via electrocution and it started hailing.  Listen to the video to hear my weather radio go off AS the hail is falling.  Luckily, my plants are fine!  I just think it's funny that the "warning" came too late to warn.  The amazing folks issuing the warnings are just two miles down the road, so I'm sure they had similar observations as me. 

Of course, going along with this, is the idea that the radar only sees the hail as it is hailing.  Since the hail started over me, I guess I don't get any warning, despite my best efforts.  It's also possible that the radar didn't catch the hail until it hit here because, well, there's mountains in my backyard.  Yay for live meteorology!  Lots of weather still kicking up in the area. 


Brent said...

Not too bad here in Lafayette. It rained for awhile but no hail. Looks like it died right after baseline reservoir.

Benet just found out that channel 7 has an interactive radar, and it looks much better than the NWS radar. You can check it out at

YellowBunnies said...

Thanks Brent! This radar looks way ghetto compared to channel 7! I will definitely make the switch. Rumor has it, the Denver radar will be the first to switch over to a new system, which will be AMAZING. I think it might be happening in August. Maybe they'll improve their graphics after that?