Saturday, July 31, 2010

RIP Dave's ipod

After our camping trip Dave couldn't find his ipod.  The day we left for New Jersey he mentioned this to me over breakfast.  He mentioned that it could be anywhere, maybe in a jacket or his pants pockets.  His camping cargo pants happened to be drying on the back of my chair from laundry day the day before.  I put my hands into all of the cargo pockets and found nothing, then checked the top pockets.  I put my hand in and wrapped my fingers around his ipod nano.  He looked at me with a smirk thinking I was joking, but then realized I'm not good at being funny.  I took the ipod out of his recently washed pants, tried turning it on, and got nothing.  I immediately felt awful for washing his ipod and ruining it the day we left for a trip with long bus, train, and plane rides, and started to cry.  I was so sorry that I didn't think to check his pockets!  Were his pants actually IN the laundry basket or just next to it?  If it was next to it, this meant he hadn't gone through the pockets because he had deemed the pants not dirty enough to deserve to be washed just yet (like when I wear jeans for a week without washing them) so I should have either not washed them or at least gone through the pockets.  This was definitely my fault.

Dave calmed me down by assuring me that it wasn't the end of the world.  I later went to take a shower and he asked me if I wanted to listen to music in the shower, handing me the squeaky clean ipod.  Always the jokester!  I let him use my ipod touch on the plane while I watched really bad movies that Continental deemed worthy of showing to a mixed audience ("The Last Song" is possibly the dumbest movie I have ever seen.)

We let the ipod dry out over vacation in hopes that it hadn't been entirely ruined.  I tried plugging it in upon our return Monday and got nothing.  Now it's time to replace it, but it brings up too many decisions to be made:  should he get the updated nano?  the ipod touch?  wait to find out if the rumors of the iphone switching to verizon service are true?  This dilemma is an apple-geek's dream, so much research must be done before he decides which upgrade he will go with. 

RIP Dave's ipod. You were green, rounded, could play movies, helped Dave train for his 10k with your Nike + ipod capabilities, and were filled with Manu Chao, Phish, and Toubab Krewe.  You will be sadly missed.  I may make you into a Christmas ornament since you are green and now worthless.

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