Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Jersey Shore

I'm at the Jersey Shore!  Yup, just one more life-list destination to cross off my list (just kidding).  Dave's family is from New Jersey and planned a week-long trip to "The Shore" so I decided to tag along since I have time off this summer.  There are a few very distinct differences between "The Shore" and my usual beach bum spot on a lake in Wisconsin.

1.  There is sand at the shore.  This means that you and all of your possessions will be covered in sand by the end of the day.  And it's not like it will just brush off by the time you get back to the house.  No, it's humid here and things don't just dry naturally like they do in good old Boulder.  In fact my swim suit has this mysterious inner layer that has somehow trapped a few handfuls of sand that will not come out.  People have special chairs for sitting in the sand and these beach umbrellas that get setup in the sand.  You can build sandcastles and dig holes in the sand that eventually might get filled up with water by a large wave.

2.  There are waves at the shore and the water is salt water!  Obviously, I understand that the ocean has salt water, but you forget sometimes until you get a face full of water and taste the stuff.  Yuck!

3.  The most unattractive people you've ever met are not at all bashful about wearing a string bikini and letting it all hang out.  

4.  There's no boat I can jump on for a ride or take me tubing or water skiing, but the waves themselves are just as entertaining.

It has been a fun week thus far.  Tonight we might venture to Atlantic City and I might get to visit NYC for the first time on Sunday!  I'll post more (with pictures) soon!  I'm off to the beach!


Joe said...

Yeah, the sand is a bit rough. It'll stick with you for weeks afterwards. It's even worse if you live right next to the beach. You'll find sand in your bed, in your shower, everywhere! Saaaannnnnddd!

Shelley said...

The ocean is good but nothing compares to a Wisconsin summer day at the lake :)

Anonymous said...

But point #3 is what makes the shore so much fun, you never know what you'll see. Enjoy AC if you go there tonight.