Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bing Commercial in Utah

Last night I was in the bedroom reading my Greatest Adventure Writing book when Dave yelled, "It's the Microsoft commercial!"  I jumped up and ran into the living room just in time to catch the end of it.  We saw this commercial being filmed!  We were on our way to Utah in May when I lead us on a "short cut" between highways that took us on a very desolate road.  (Seriously people, my GPS gets me into a lot of trouble.)  We came over the crest of a hill and got stopped by a police man standing in the road.  He explained to us that they're shooting a commercial up ahead and we have to hang out for a bit so we don't get in the shot.  We watched as three goofily dressed men on motorcycles seemingly raced each other up the next hill.  They had to continue doing the same shot, being instructed to improve each time.  We prodded the police man for details and found out it was a Microsoft commercial.  Finally, a cloud shaded the shot and we were waved on by through the commercial set and on our way.  Of course I was hoping my car showed up in the commercial, but, see for yourself, it did not:  Bing Commercial

The scenery got a bit more interesting just a few miles later when we followed the river into Moab, Utah and then took a right at the McDonalds. We made our way through a pretty awesome canyon at sunset and finally, after a long drive, we found our friends and our camping spot for the first night of our trip, pictured above.

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Chritre said...

Looks like it was filmed on Hwy 128?? That's the way I always take to Moab... love that road! I saw that several of the trails in Castle Valley and other places along 128 were closed for filming in May. Popular spot!