Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ode to my toiletry bag

While I sit here waiting for my laundry to finish washing so I can run down to the laundrymat to dry it (never rent a place where the dryer vents indoors, yet also doesn't have air conditioning), I'd like to talk about my toiletry bag.  This Vera Bradley set was given to me by my awesome Aunt Darcy as a PhD graduation gift a year and a half ago.  (Really, I stopped asking for gifts after high school graduation, but sometimes aunties just can't be stopped!)  What better gift could a girl like me ask for?  I'm constantly flying home, flying to a conference, flying to a vacation, or camping.  This bag fits in the top part of my backpacking bag like a dream!  Whilst hiking along I can have easy access to all of its goodies in a pinch, whether it be hand sanitizer or Advil.  This past weekend it was nice to just grab this bag by its cute little handle and hike on over to the bathrooms to brush my teeth, no-rinse-shampoo my bangs, or take care of whatever high-maintenance hygienic thing was on my mind at the time.  It has a little zipper pouch for personal items, small organizational pouches on the sides for small items, and a big spot in the middle for everything else.  I keep this baby packed year round with my travel toiletries and just change out a few things according to trip.

It also has a cute overnight bag that goes with it!  Very Bradley has fabulous purses as well.  If I really knew how to quilt, I would whip myself up a few of these!  

Do you have a travel item you can't do without?  Also, any beach reading book suggestions for me? 

While you're here, check out some sweet comments on yesterday's post and see if you have some opinions of your own!   Yay readers and yay commenters! 


double jay said...

my favorite book if you have not read it is geek love, i also laughed out loud like a schoolgirl at pride and prejudice and zombies.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, when did you become such a girlie girl?

NavyGirl said...

Travel must haves:
- pashmina wrap scarf for cold airplanes
- neutrogena face wash cloths (you wet them and they soap up and you can wash your face - great if you're trying to get through airport security)
- a good book

On that note - if you haven't read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series, grab those. Or anything Jodi Picoult. They always have plots and characters that grab you.