Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vegas swimming, gambling, and Love

Still blogging about Memorial Day weekend:  We had a nice, relaxing day hitting up the pool at the Bellagio before we met up with Brian and Kelly again at the Paris where they were staying. 

Dave playing roulette at The Paris with friends.
Two scientists who don't believe in luck, attempt to enjoy the game of roulette.  Dave kept winning!  I took a picture because even though we don't believe in luck, Dave and my birthdays appear on this list of the past numbers four times.  Scientists can have fun gambling too! 

Martini happy hour at the Paris with Brian and Kelly.

I wasn't too excited about the fruity martinis on the menu, but the bartender happily made me a chocolate one.  Yum!  After martinis, we headed to the Bellagio for Memorial Day Bellagio Buffet.  I was not wearing a good buffet-eating outfit, but I still got my money's worth.  I loved the beef bourguignon and the mousse desserts the best.  (No clue if this stuff was gluten free, just tried my best to avoid obvious gluten.)

After we were stuffed, we headed to the Mirage for the Cirque du Soleil Love show.  I got sweet seats for a sweet price from some slick-deal Vegas site the week before.  This show as so moving!  It was fabulous, I've never been so entertained, so impressed, and just so happy. 
Heading in to the show

After the show

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