Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Narrows of Zion

Rewinding to Memorial Day weekend:  We had read about Zion a little bit before going and every article suggested doing The Narrows.  We wanted to do an overnight backpacking trip down the Narrows, but we were a little concerned about how we would keep our gear dry hiking down a river.  It was also hard to pack proper backpacking gear that could make it on a plane, legally.  We decided to make a day hike of it and head up the Narrows to Oderville Canyon, then back down.  The thing is, once you pass the river walk, you hike in the river!  Flow rates were low and most of the time the water was about knee high or less, but there were spots where we were waist deep, and at one point we just went swimming.  It was definitely the most awesome hike I've ever been on.  We hiked in our hiking shoes and they were dry by morning with the help of the fire.  We read that exposed toes are a no-no and I would agree. Hiking in shoes was the way to go.  We just wore wool socks and all of our quick-dry clothing or swim suits.  It was also really helpful to have trekking poles.  They saved me from taking a swim many times.
Just getting started in the Narrows.

Waterfall in the Narrows.  Brian and Dave.

We're on the left for scale.  The Narrows.
Note the people for scale.  The Narrows.

Cool rock formations near the water in the Narrows of Zion.

Kelly, Brian, and Dave in the Narrows

We found a few rocks to sit on for lunch in the Narrows.

Back on dry land heading back to the campsite.


Off to the Grand Canyon next!

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