Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hoover Dam and The Bellagio

After our big Grand Canyon day and a nice Diner breakfast after our cold night camping, we drove back, through Vegas, and to the Hoover Dam.  We took the full tour that takes you underneath everything to see how the place works.  Pretty freaky.   Amazing that this was able to be built in the 30's.  I also loved seeing Lake Mead since I talk a lot about the Colorado River when I teach.  It was super windy while we were there. 
Lake Mead
Hoover Dam
Dave on the Dam
After our Dam visit, we headed back to Las Vegas and checked in to the Bellagio.  We had to clean out the rental car and get all of our camp gear back into the suitcases and up to the room.  This proved super annoying due to the fact that the first floor of the Bellagio is a super busy casino and I lugged a 50lb suitcase, my backpack, and purse across the entire parking ramp, through the casino to get to our room.  No convenience for guests here!   
I think Dave is doing a little jig to celebrate the purple and green room.  Or perhaps he is stretching.  We had a view of the pools instead of the fountains.
I did a little jig when I saw the size of this bathroom.  After several days of camping, I was soooo ready to hit up this shower.
A shower never looked so tempting!
We got settled and then returned the rental car.  We hit up a cheap steak dinner at Ellis Island, thanks to a suggestion from our cabbie. 

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