Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grand Wash Trail

After some lunch on Tuesday we went out for another hike, this time 2 miles up the flat Grand Wash trail and 2 miles back at Capitol Reef National Park, which has some very high, very sheer canyon walls.  

Let's go!
This cave-like feature definitely had bats living in it. 

Trying to lure out the bats. 
I've done this before...

No, my legs are not tan, they are full of red dust from hiking all day. 

We went up into this cool little cave-like feature and hung out before turning around on the trail. 
The walls were 500 feet high in most areas.

I like big butts! 

After our hike we took the scenic drive down the park along the Waterpocket Fold.
At the entrance to Capital Gorge.
About 20 miles later the "Check Engine" light came on.  Awesome. 
Waterpocket Fold.  Dave got a sweet time lapse of this drive.  I'll share it later!
Back at the camp site ready to make dinner.
The cook making gourmet hot dogs, roasted green pepper, and chili flavored quinoa.  (Can you tell I didn't get groceries before our trip?)

On the other side of camp was this historic house that just happened to have a gift shop that sold pies and scones and salsa and soda.  We grabbed a snack on our way home.
Caught some petroglyphs on the way out of the park.

On our drive home it was very cloudy and stormy, so we were glad we didn't go hiking in any sheer canyons!  This is the San Raphael Swell, the place where we visited in 2011.  We passed it on our way home, a good 7 hours left in our drive. 
After some Qdoba in Dillon and several more rain/snow showers on the way back over the passes, we made it home Wednesday evening with enough time to finish all of my grading due Thursday at noon.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first shower since Sunday, although I admittedly washed my hair in the sink at Capitol Reef!  :)

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