Monday, May 21, 2012

Got lettuce?

My garden sprouted a massive amount of lettuce!  I planted these seeds back in March.  They were a mix of different lettuces, mesclun, and arugula seeds.  I think the key was just to forget about it for a while and let spring do its thing.  Of course my weeds grew in as well, but they will be easy enough to take care of when I turn over the whole garden next weekend and plant my peppers, tomatillos, basil, and tomato starters that are massive in their little pots right now. I've also got a lot of pea plants started in this garden.  I may have to transplant some to pots to make room for tomatoes! 

Meanwhile, I've got two weeks to eat all of these home grown salad greens before my CSA starts and before they get too leathery!  Yum!!! 

Ramano cheese, tomatoes, and roasted red pepper salad with mock-Olive Garden dressing.

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