Friday, April 27, 2012

Seedlings and Mosaic Bird Bath

That Miracle Grow soil might have been a bit too much for our seedlings.  These puppies still have a month before they can go in the ground and some are a foot tall!  We've been keeping our seedlings outside because it has been so warm and they are looking great!

This picture just really wanted to be sideways, so I gave up trying.  There are pepper and tomatillo plants on the far left and tomatoes on the right. 

We ended up only getting a handful of tulips blooming, but the vines (English ivy and grape vines) on our fence are slowly taking over our little condo yard, which is perfect for privacy.  The rose bush on the right never ceases to amaze me.  I cut it down to nothing ever year and before I know it it's full and bushy again!  Whoever lived here before us must have really loved purple flowers.  We must have 20 different purple flowering plants that pop up throughout the season.  These and the lilacs are out now. 

We're having a hard time having a normal lawn under our plum tree from all of the bird seed that ends up on the ground, but I like the wild look of it all. 
Dave made the cute little bird bath on the left.  He made a glass tile mosaic on a terracotta pot.  We might make it a little taller by throwing another pot upside-down underneath the existing setup, especially because I have a few broken pots from leaving them outside this winter.  The birds are loving the water, which can be hard to find in our neck of the woods!

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