Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fun Photos with the New Camera

Christmas was the perfect time to invest in a new toy, a DSLR camera!  With the help of a photographer friend, I finally decided on the Sony A55 and thus far, I am extremely pleased!  Once I figured out how to set it on automatic+ and which lens to use for what, I just can't seem to take a bad picture.  I know I have a lot to learn and some experience to gain, but I am convinced that this new toy will be perfect for a new photography hobby for both of us as well as improved food pictures for my blog.  The camera also has an awesome panoramic feature and it takes movies.  Here's a few from playing around just the last few days.
Dave took this one from our backyard where he ran into a very famous meteorologist who just happens to be our neighbor while he's on sabbatical this year.  Should I have him autograph my books?

Dave's again-- a female Flicker.  Her boyfriend came by later and we got some great pics of him eating our suet.

Just after Wednesday's snowstorm, the sun came out right before it set.  This is taken from our backyard.  I almost missed the photo op because my battery was charging inside and I went out with an empty camera.  I got back just in time.
National Center for Atmospheric Research plus the Flatirons in the distance on our hike.

Dave's shot, a little tree-framing.

We had a little fun with Lightroom, removing a blemish, then playing with the different effects.

Devil's Thumb-- one of many. 

Heading home.  We saw more dogs than people on this hike.  None of them were on a leash even though it is required by law.  Most strange dogs hate Dave for some reason and one of these days he's going to come home with a bite out of him, I swear!

Looking southeast off the ridge.

Peppermint tea, my favorite!  Grandma got me these cute measuring spoons last year.

Enchilada night!

Christmas decorations I made last year from a terracotta pot, burlap, gold spray paint, and pine cones from Dave's Grand-dad's old land, and a wooden star.

We still had two pumpkins left to make into puree.  This one was a long island cheese pumpkin.  (Dave's photo)

Check out my cute new apron, a xmas gift from some of my favorite people!  How thoughtful!  It is reversible and on the other side are cupcakes!!!!!

Okay, who wants some pumpkin puree?  I ended up with about a gallon and I still have some left from the last batch!


Alisa said...

Awesome photos! I love the one with the bird! Also - I'll take all your would likely only last me a week! Can you ship to Wisconsin? ;)

Shelley said...

Love the photos!! Paul's also starting to get into photography.

NavyGirl said...

Oooo, several thoughts -

1) The pics are gorgeous, and making me really long for snow! Have you played around with the manual settings alot?
2) Peppermint tea is my fav as well - love the measuring spoon.
3) Love that your apron coordinates with your shirt ;) And such a cute food processor.
4) We need more photos of your apartment. The periwinkle color on the cupboards is such a fun pop in the kitchen!