Monday, September 5, 2011

Reading way too many books

I have a problem.  That's the first step, right?  Admitting it?  I am reading so many books at once that it is possible I will never finish any of them, ever.  I'm currently reading
HBO series + all of my friends having read it = me trying to catch up before season 2 comes out.  I love it.  
AMAZING BOOK!  I should have chosen this as my required book for my climate change course.  Maybe next semester?  I have to read it with a pencil so I can mark it up and comment and actively read it.

This is a new book I'm starting.  We'll be using it for a sort of club I just joined where we'll choose a new piece of technology to integrate into our spring classes.  Any suggestions?
I'm half way through this and am realizing it's super entertaining, but I am retaining about 2% of what I'm reading.  It's just information overload.  If I read it at my desk, I'd probably take notes, but reading it in bed, I just take it in, then forget about it.  I'm thinking of writing the book that I thought this book was going to be.

This book was thrown aside to make room for the top two, but will be worth finishing.  It's small and fits in my purse, so I'm sure I'll get through it eventually.
This time through, I'm really appreciating this read.
I also have three other books that I started, but haven't picked up in a while, so I won't count them, even though they do sit there, next to my bed, taunting me.

Did I mention I'm also teaching four classes?  Each of which have their own textbook.  I'll admit that I'll never read two of the textbooks ever again because they are so low level, it might numb my brain, but the other two make appearances in bed, on the bus, and certainly at work.  In fact, I had an "Ah hah!" moment the other day in bed with my dynamics book.
This book got heavy, so I took out a box cutter and cut out the chapters that I use.  Now it's a book filled with the chapters I don't use, and stapled, cut out pieces of the chapters I do stuffed inside. 
So yes, I have a problem.  It's not like I'm spending a significant portion of my life reading either.  I'll try to get to bed early so I can spend an hour reading before falling asleep, but teaching is tiring, so I haven't been lasting very long with my eyes open.  Maybe I will attempt reading on the bus without puking next week. 


Alisa said...

I do this too! I have 5 books on my bedside table and I take turns reading and another that I take in my bag every day. For some reason, I do this every semester but tend to finish everything off by the time the spring semester is over. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are using a Kindle or a iPad for all those books.

YellowBunnies said...

I prefer having a physical book when reading non-fiction, then I can mark it up, underline, and take notes in the margins. I don't think I read enough novels to necessitate a kindle and my teeny tiny ipod Touch screen isn't quite comfortable enough to read from.

Oddly enough, I scanned a chapter of the Flannery book for my climate change students last week and when I asked them what they thought the main points of the reading where, they diligently read back to me the lines that I had underlined. Oops.