Friday, June 10, 2011


My family grew up eating meat and potatoes, Dave's family grew up eating lots of Mexican food for some reason.  Yum!  I have found the most craving-worthy fajita recipe ever!  I'm actually not sure if they taste authentic.  All I know is they don't taste like the fajita seasoning that come in those envelopes.  If you like spicy, tangy steak and peppers, try Tyler Florence's Mojo Marinade Fajita recipe
Marinated and sauted peppers

Marinated and grilled flank steak
Serve the meat, peppers and onions on corn tortillas (microwave these in a wet paper towel or saute them in olive oil to keep them from breaking apart instantly).  I like to make small sides of cheese (pepper jack is the best with fajitas, but cheddar may be nice as well), sour cream, home made pico, and/or hot sauces for options to put on the fajitas. 
Mojo Marinade


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