Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Phish at Broomfield Art Postcards Made by Dave

Dave has been working on some art for the big series of Phish concerts in Broomfield, CO Sunday-Tuesday.  He has a sweet collection of Phish art that he has accumulated from the shows he's attended in the last year or two.  This time, he was inspired to make his own art.

Dave thought he'd create a small version of the screen prints he collects from concerts by doing block (linoleum) printing.  Now, I remember doing something like this back in third grade.  We got some thick cork board, carved out some stuff, then put paint on what was left and smacked it on a sheet of paper.  Dave did just that, only on a more sophisticated level.  He worked on a sketch, then decided how to do it in three colors.  He then carved three 5X7 linoleum pieces.

Dave carving the black linoleum block.  (Note another hobby-- making his own t-shirts)
The red block.

He practiced a few times, carved some more, then everything was ready to go.  He bought some paper and tons of paint.  He cut the paper, then one night printed all of the yellow.

Please note our sweet Alice in Wonderland Art.  Let me know if you need the artist's name, it escapes me at the moment.

The next night, he printed all of the red ontop of the yellow.

The final night, he printed the black.
Dave's apron reads, "Vance" and "King Soopers."  Get it?  Bagger Vance?  Yeah, this was his costume to a movie theme party.
The final product (sorry for the glare!)

These are the Flatirons that are near our place.  The concert is just southeast of us, so it made sense to use this recognizable image.  You can see that he didn't succumb to the pressure to use a 'ph' for the 'f'' in Broomfield.  He did, however, hide a X, XI, and XII in the foreground to show the dates in October that the concert is taking place.  I'm also a big fan of the CO, OCtober play with the letters.  They are 5X7 because it seemed like a good starting size for someone who's never printed before.  The intention is for them to be a postcard from the show.  (We recently got a Phish DVD set of the Clifford Ball in 1996 and it came with 5X7 postcards from the show that triggered this idea).  Now the prints (about 50 of them) are just hanging out and waiting to be sold at any one of the three Phish shows in Broomfield this weekend!

I think they are sweet!  I LOVE the colors.  It's fall-like, but also Halloweeny in a way.  I think it would make a cool remembrance for a sweet concert.

Speaking of concerts, I'm going to see Phish for the first time on Saturday, which isn't actually a Phish show, but a whole bunch of bands are putting on a show for the Fourmile Canyon Fire at the Broomfield Event Center.  String Cheese Incident and Yonder Mountain String Band are also playing.  I'm excited!  I may not be your typical Phishead, but I live with one, so I have to take the plunge. 

What do you think?  Do you like them?  How much should he charge?


seand said...

Awesome... I won't buy one, but I'll trade for a veggie burrito! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, What a cool project. I bet it took a lot of time and work....