Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've got two days left of teaching summer school (Intro meteorology) and then comes the big 4th of July weekend! Plans are still up in the air, but my cousin and her awesome husband and fun three kids are visiting Saturday and Sunday, so there has to be some grilling, fun desserts, and fireworks, right?

There's a good chance I might whip up some Dirt. Dirt is a fun dessert that I first remember eating in grade school where it was oh-so-fun to pretend I was actually eating dirt with real worms in it.

Dave has similar memories and got the recipe from his mom! Score! With her suggestions, I scaled back the original recipe to something a little less unhealthy (no butter, no cream cheese). I have made it for us a few times and I serve it in large wine glasses to class it up. A few weeks ago, though, we needed to bring a dessert to a big BBQ at our friends' house. I ran to the store and grabbed all of the Dirt ingredients, some small, clear plastic cups, and a package of gummy worms. The grocery store nearby has many gluten free choices, but Oreos are not one of them! (Kinnikinnick is the only brand I know of.) I bought some gluten free chocolate cookies, but having never used them before, bought Oreos for everyone else's Dirt. Of course I then forgot to make myself a cup and wasn't even able to taste my masterpiece! I just had to hope that it was edible! The Dirt was a huge hit, a few people went back for seconds, but it was funny how the worm was either loved or hated by the attendees of the BBQ. I think it really added a little extra fun by giving everyone their own glass.

I highly suggest doing this for any 4th of July picnic you may be attending!!!

1 package Oreos (gluten free)
16 oz. Cool Whip (lite is okay)
1 pack vanilla instant pudding
1 pack chocolate instant pudding
2 1/2 c. milk (lactaid works, soy milk didn't get along with the instant pudding)

1. Crush Oreos (I do this in a big ziplock and use my rolling pin)
2. Beat vanilla pudding for 2 minutes with 1 1/4 c. milk
3. Beat chocolate pudding for 2 minutes with 1 1/4 c. milk
4. Add half the Cool Whip to each pudding and fold in well
5. Layer in your favorite glass: Oreos, vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, Oreos, etc.
6. Chill for 1 hour or more (It really tastes better if you let the Oreos absorb that yummy pudding for a bit)
7. Top with a gummy worm, optional full Oreo, and make a cute sign labeling your tray "Dirt"

Be sure to bring spoons!

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